Sustaining Capital

PIPware Sustaining Capital

19% Savings in Sustaining Capital Spend

Introducing PIPware Sustaining Capital – a new software-driven approach to help clients get more from their sustaining capital spend

  • Our clients invest millions every year on sustaining capital programs to maintain and replace their aging operational assets
  • The numerous small-scale capital projects that make up a sustaining capital program typically are not analyzed as rigorously as major capital investments – so results are usually disappointing
  • PIPware Sustaining Capital was built to translate Partners in Performance’s proprietary methodology into an easy-to-use software solution to help you to spend less and get more.
  • This methodology is proven to help clients increase sustaining capital program NPV by 20% while simultaneously reducing capital spend by 10%

Dashboards that display the specific performance targets

  • Define the targets – identify the specific KPIs you care about and set explicit targets (Show performance categories)
  • Understand the performance gaps your portfolio needs to address – quickly quantify the gaps between last year’s performance and next year’s targets. (Show baseline data & Show sources of gaps)
  • Identify key risks for the year ahead and calculate risk-adjusted gaps.
  • And it all rolls up into a dashboard that lets you see the big picture


Identify the projects to close your performance gaps

Every project is scored on its ability to fill the performance gap
  • Enter your existing projects, quickly see the remaining gaps, and identify new projects to close them
  • Built in prioritization tool helps you quickly hone in on the most attractive projects
  • Fit-for-purpose project planning – system guides users to start simple and develop more and more detailed project plans as a project progresses from a concept to approved and ready to implement


Build the optimal sustaining capital portfolio

Dashboard clearly shows spend, NPV, and impact on your KPI gaps
  • Bundle projects and evaluate numerous portfolio options
  • Smart portfolio optimization algorithms creates the ‘ideal’ portfolio – meeting performance goals, then optimizing for best ROI
  • Apply the human factor – manually tweak the system recommended portfolio (Show projects moving above or below the line)
  • Identify your optimal portfolio – meet regulatory requirements, fills KPI gaps, stay within budget, and includes key must-have favourites (Show Ideal Portfolio Curve)


Deliver on time, on budget and realize full benefits

  • We recognize execution is the hardest part, so PIPware Sustaining Capital includes a full suite of project execution management tools
  • Ensure your projects are well planned and ready to start on time
  • Track and manage execution with integrated KPI tracking and reporting and built-in management meetings
  • Track benefits to ensure projects deliver the dollar

 A comprehensive solution for your sustaining capital portfolio

  • With PIPware Sustaining Capital you can get better results and spend less on your sustaining capital program.
  • Embedding a world-class sustaining capital management system in a matter of months
  • Read more about our approach to Sustaining Capital in PIPSpeak
  • Contact Partners in Performance at ( to learn more

While every organisation is different, there are multiple industries which offer significant opportunity in squeezing value from Sustaining Capital.

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